Bespoke Classes

Michelle offers private antenatal education sessions in your home, they are tailored to your individual requirement. Michelle suggests two hours per session-see below for examples-but all can be adjusted to meet your specification, budget or time constraints. You are welcome to invite friends who are also expecting a baby or family who are looking forward to a new baby. (£30.00/hour)

newborn between parentsOur Baby – at home

A session in your home to help prepare you and your home for the birth of your baby-this can be for a planned home birth or to welcome baby home after a hospital birth, we will focus on practicalities and discuss your individual needs


Our Baby -in waterOur Baby – in water

A preparation session for water birth in hospital or at home-this is a bespoke class to meet your needs and is held in your own home, you are welcome to invite friends with similar requirements



Our Babies - twins and more!

Our Babies – twins and more!

A bespoke session if you are expecting more than one baby, held in your own home at a time to suit you-you are welcome to set your own agenda from the topics offered; Pregnancy care, birth choices, what to expect in labour and coping strategies, vaginal versus Caesarean birth, Small or early babies and the role of Neonatal Services, feeding more than one baby, rest and sleep-yours and your babies, life after birth and becoming a family, development of twins and more!


Our Baby –vaginal birth after caesarean section

A session to discuss caesarean section (VBAC) or planned Caesarean birth A workshop in your home examining vaginal birth after a previous caesarean section or planning for birth by caesarean section if this is advised by your birth team. Tailored to your needs we will examine health in pregnancy, labour choices, recovery the in the immediate postnatal period and in the first 6 weeks after birth



Our Baby-another baby! - Newborn baby boy sleeping in the arms of his brother

Our Baby-another baby!

A workshop in your home as a refresher when you already have children, we will discuss labour for those who have given birth before and welcoming a new baby to your family of toddlers, older children or teenagers-maintaining your family routine and meeting the needs of a newborn

Our Baby-a new baby in our family

A workshop to prepare for the birth of a new grandchild, -this session is also open to aunts and uncles too! We will have fun rediscovering your memories and cover practical revision such as feeding and caring for babies whilst learning about current attitudes and approaches to maternity care. Come and share your thoughts on becoming a grandparent.

Our Baby-adoption or surrogacy

A session in your own home tailored to your needs (POA)

Our Baby-breastfeeding

An antenatal workshop. There is an excellent series of three NHS workshops run by midwife colleagues in Telford which Our Baby recommends but if you are unable to attend these, Our Baby offers a two hour workshop for expectant parents, which explores the process of breastfeeding and addresses common anxieties and difficulties with the emphasis on practical skills for the early weeks. We will discover the physiology and anatomy of breastfeeding; the importance of skin to skin with your baby, instinctive nurturing, attachment and positioning-tools for a positive breastfeeding experience. We will discuss practical considerations such as bras, clothing, breast pumps, hand expression, pacifiers, co sleeping and the research around these topics together with how family and friends can help.

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