Pregnancy Relaxation and Breathing Classes

newborn between parentsPregnancy relaxation and breathing classes for pregnancy, labour and birth. Contact Michelle to find out more about relaxation methods and breathing techniques that you can use in labour-07974272267.

There are no NHS classes in breathing and relaxation. Our Baby offers private classes in your home. You are welcome to gather a group of your friends to share the cost-£30.00/hour



“Many thanks Michelle for the great class to help with breathing techniques for labour and birth. We had an emergency c-section but still found that we were calm and relaxed.”-Jen and Sam

Our Baby-Many congratulations Jen and Sam on the birth of Melissa. Michelle

“Just wanted to let you know that the relaxation techniques were really useful in my labour and the breathing helped me to give birth to Charlie without a tear-thanks!”-Sol

Our Baby-glad it helped you Sol, congratulations and welcome to Charlie! Michelle

“Hi Michelle-Lucy, Thea and I have really enjoyed your relaxation classes over the last few weeks. It was great that we could have the classes at my house. The music was really dreamy and we fell asleep! Thanks Lettie”

Our Baby-so glad you enjoyed the classes ladies, hope the techniques will be helpful, I had a great time with you all-many congratulations to you and Andy, Thea-baby came a little early but so glad all is well! Keep practising Lettie and Lucy-best wishes Michelle-also congrats to Lettie and Sam on the birth of Lola, and to Lucy and Tav on the birth of Cy.

“Thanks Michelle, we found the relaxation classes really useful, we wished we’d found you earlier so we could have done more but the breathing practice but will see you for Baby Massage after we have our babies”-Ashleigh and Gem (Wed class)

Our Baby-glad you found it helpful, don’t worry that you started towards the end of your pregnancy, just keep practising at home, wishing you all the best-Michelle. Congrats Ash and Jon on the birth of Milo and to Gem-well done safe arrival of Lily

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