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Bump-and-flowerOur Baby Hypnobirthing in Shropshire, Telford, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton for a calm and relaxed birth.

Courses- 10 hours, Michelle’s expert knowledge of labour and childbirth as a midwife and additional training as a Hypnobirthing practitioner together with sixth form classroom teaching experience, ensure that you will have high quality classes that are meticulously planned and tailored to meet your needs, there is plenty of time to focus on what is important to you for the birth of your baby. Michelle suggests a five week course of 2 hours per week-this will give you time to practice between each class but classes can be scheduled to suit you. Michelle is exclusive and teaches only private classes in your own home.

Private classes in your own home-£350 per couple.

Contact Michelle to book-07974272267

Michelle is a Hypnobirthing teacher

Our Baby uses hypnobirthing methods- an extremely effective series of techniques that help you discover the joy of birth -through your antenatal course, you will learn to relax and release your fears about childbirth and let your mind work in harmony with your body so that you experience a natural, calm and comfortable birth. Some of the benefits of hypnobirthing in labour and birth  are:

  • You will be  alert and in control during labour and birth
  • The physical impact of childbirth on you mind and body is lessened.
  • You may find you don’t need any additional pain relief.
  • It often shortens the length of labour.
  • Your birth partner is actively involved throughout pregnancy, labour and birth because they paly a vital role in the birth of your child.
  • Your baby will enter the world free of medication in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.
  • You will bond with you baby naturally

Hypnobirthing will help you to break the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle of labour

Giving birth can be an empowering and positive experience.  In Our Baby hypnobirthing classes you learn

    • Fear release methods that allow you to be relaxed and confident before and during the birth.
    • Self-hypnosis techniques that will induce deep relaxation.
    • Massage techniques which stimulate endorphins the body’s natural pain reliever and the release of oxytocin-the calm hormone.
    • Visualisation exercises which keep you focussed and positive.
    • How your body and mind work together efficiently and comfortably in labour and birth.


Reviews and Congratulations

Many congratulations James and Julia on the birth of Lucille!

Well done and congratulations Laura and Darren, on the birth of Betsy May!

Many congratulations Emma and Andrew on the birth of Saskia May!

Congratulations Jess and Barry in the birth of Harrison-well done

Well dome Jenny and Mike- a water birth at home, welcome Nia Jane!

Congratulations to Steve and Jenna on the birth of baby boy-quick and calm for you! So glad I saw him last evening-beautiful boy. Well done xx

Well done to Anna and Grey. Hypnobirthing via Skype worked! Congratulations on the New Years day birth of Callum in down under land Brilliant job my friends xx

Congratulations Steve and Sarah on the home hypnobirth of Sophia-just a shade under 10lb! xxx

“*****-Thank you Michelle for a brilliant hypno birthing course! We feel much more confident and informed and are looking forward to the birth of our little boy!! We’ll keep you posted xxx”

Gemma and Ben Davies

Our Baby-Brilliant that you are looking forward to your birth, you are such a positive and relaxed couple-looking forward to hearing your news! Michelle x

Update-Well done and congratulations Ben and Gem on the birth of your lovely boy!

Our Baby-Congratulations Shelly and Martin on the birth of Darcey

Our Baby-Congratulations Laura, Brendan and Amy on the birth of your baby boy

“Michelle is an excellent antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher. Her warmth and positivity has helped us to feel calm and confident about the birth of our baby. She has a wealth of up to date knowledge in both current midwifery practice and hypnobirthing techniques. We thoroughly enjoyed the course she provided at our home, which combined practical knowledge and understanding of birth with deep relaxation in preparation for labour.Many thanks,
Emma and John Morris”

Our Baby-thank you so much-it was a pleasure!

Update-Our Baby-Emma and John-many congratulations on the birth of baby boy! Well done both-Michelle xx

“Hi Michelle, thanks so much for travelling to our home in North Wales for the excellent hypnobirthing session aimed at helping us relax for our planned c-section and for the ‘teenager friendly’ class for our first born-now 15!, Your teaching methods were fantastic, Orla wishes she had you for maths!!. Will let you know when junior arrives” Bobbi, Mike and Orla

Our Baby-So glad it was helpful to you both and that Orla found it interesting-do tell her I am terrible at Maths!!. Will look forward to news-Michelle xxx

Update-congratulations Bobbi, Mike and Orla on the birth of Cherry-Michelle xxx

“I would recommend Michelle to any lady having a baby, her knowledge and experience is second to non, me and my hubs have learnt so much on our hypnobirthing class’s tailored to suit us in our own home…”Dawn and Pete
Our Baby -Thank you so much lovely Dawn and Pete😀It has been a pleasure

Update-congratulations to you both on the birth of Charlie,he is so beautiful-thank you for asking me to visit your new young man!-Michelle xxx

“Hi Michelle, just a quick email to let you know that we are practising our Hypnobirthing techniques and looking forward to the birth which should be any day now (as it is now our “due month”-ha ha!), thanks for coming all the way to Morecambe Bay for our weekend session in May sorry for the delay in getting back to you, will let you know when it happens, we are thinking calm thoughts and laughing a lot-loads of oxytocin in our house!”

Mari and Cha

Our Baby-many congratulations Mari and Cha on the birth of Lola-Michelle xx

“Michelle is an excellent antenatal teacher, my partner and I attended her NHS classes during our last pregnancy, we found her calm confident approach so reassuring, we are looking forward to doing her hypnobirthing course-starting next week! We’re so excited, she is coming to our home for private sessions over two weekends which is great because we already have a little girl and can fit sessions around her.”

Louise and Graham


“Lou gave birth to our baby son yesterday-a lovely calm experience at home, thanks Michelle, I felt so much more part of the birth process this time”


Our Baby**Many, many congratulations on the birth of Tom, to you both and big sister Izzy, well done Lou-Michelle

“Thank you so much Michelle, we found your Our Baby hypnobirthing course relaxing, informative and so helpful, you gave us such confidence-we are looking forward to having our baby at home.”

Lira and Evan

Our Baby ** Update -congratulations Lira and Evan on the birth of Millicent-well done to you both, thanks for letting me know that all went calmly and that it was a lovely experience for you all-Michelle

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