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Michelle is trained to teach Baby Massage techniques

Private classes in your own home

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Baby massage classes are for babies under 12 months old and help to promote attachment and security-touching and holding your baby is known to stimulate motor development and has been studied by the great child psychologists who demonstrated that child will develop body awareness and form strong attachment to its carer when shown through touch (attachment theory).

Massage will benefit a child physically as well as emotionally helping to regulate digestion thereby soothing trapped wind and colic, constipation, teething pain and blocked nose and snuffles improving sleep quality. Massage releases endorphins which promote pleasure and pain relief in babies.

For the mother baby massage can stimulate the release of oxytocin through skin to skin contact encouraging uterine contraction and release of breast milk.

Michelle has undertaken a course in teaching baby massage and will show you how you can calm and reassure your baby through the sense of touch.

Private sessions are in your own home.


Gemma-***** Sylvie and I love the baby massage class. Michelle is so welcoming and such a great teacher. My baby loves the massage class and finds it very relaxing. The techniques used are easy to follow and have become part of our bed time routine 🙂 would highly recommend baby massage with Michelle x

Our Baby-Sylvie was so relaxed during classes! So pleased you enjoyed them.

Jo-“Just really wanted to say how much I loved baby massage! Mason was 6 weeks old when I started and he had a bit of colic and after a weeks of massages it really settled him. He is now 23 weeks old and still loves his massage after a bath-it really relaxes him and settles him to sleep. He’s started teething and giving him a massage with music relaxes and entertains him!-Jo xx”

Our Baby-So glad that Mason is still loving his massage and it’s helping to settle him.


Rick-***** Really enjoyed our first session last week with my 5 month old Sam so did he. I learned how to massage  his legs and the theory behind massage. Michelle is so patient and knowledgeable. I don’t know where a whole hour went! I was the only man in a group with five women and Sam the only boy with five girls, outnumbered! But I felt so comfortable and welcome-looking forward to next week

Our Baby-thanks Rick and Sam. See you next week.

Laura – ***** Milly and I have both got so much from our weekly baby massage class with Our Baby. In fact, the techniques, theory and movements we’ve learnt have now become a really enjoyable part of our family bedtime ritual for Milly. Michelle’s knowledge and experience with babies (and new mums!) is not only reassuring but means she can develop and adapt each session to make it engaging, informative and relaxing whatever your baby’s mood!

Our Baby Thank you so much Laura and Milly

Angela-I was invited to join other mums and babies at Michelle’s (Our Baby) massage classes when my little girl was 9 weeks old. It has been great fun learning baby massage together and it’s just so relaxed and informal. It has enabled my little girl and I to really bond. I now use massage with her to calm and relax her at home. It’s just fab! I’ve really enjoyed every minute and my little girl loves it

Our Baby-Thank you so much!


Hannah ***** My 12wk old son and I have just finished a massage course with Our Baby and have really enjoyed it. Michelle is a great instructor and incredibly patient with babies that just want to feed or fill their nappies instead of being massaged! Baby massage has proved to be a great tool for bonding with my son, for relaxation for us both, for helping with his colic, and is something we definitely intend to carry on with at home. Thanks Michelle!
Our Baby Thank you so much Hannah and Julian -so cool with his little lady friends! Michelle

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