Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Classes-Our Baby Birth Preparation


Small group or private classes, pick and mix: £60 per 2 hour session -contact Michelle on 07974272267 or on the contact form.

Our Baby Beginnings

Our Baby Beginnings-Early Class up to 20 weeks or if you are planning a baby-on request

The purpose is to  expand on the wealth of information given at your initial midwife appointment to help prepare you for your pregnancy journey What to expect during your pregnancy and how your body changes Screening and tests in pregnancy Diet, exercise and lifestyle, how to look after yourselves, coping with work, nausea and tiredness Antenatal care, keeping you and your baby safe

Our Baby Preparation - Bump-and-flower

Our Baby -on the way! From 20 weeks

Labour and birth-signs and symptoms of normal labour-how, when and why labour starts Understanding the process of birth for you, your partner and your baby; latent and active phases. The setting-preparing for home or hospital birth, consultant or midwife led care Coping strategies-managing pain and birth options-introduction to waterbirth and hypnobirthing


Our Baby arrives!Our Baby Arrives!

Labour and birth continued, the second stage of labour-giving birth Possible interventions-Induction of labour, caesarean section, instrumental delivery, episiotomy and tears and repair Third stage of labour- options of active and physiological third stage-what happens in the first hour after birth The role of the birth partner and health care professionals

Our Baby Welcome! - breastfeeding babyOur Baby -Welcome!

After the birth, postnatal care and health, Our new baby, early moments after birth, skin to skin and the first feed Looking after yourself and baby, postnatal and neonatal health, visitors, rest and feelings Our Baby’s new home – the role of the midwife and health visitor. Baby safety, caring for your new baby-dressing, bathing, skin care, nappies and their contents!

Our baby - Active birth classOur Baby-Active Birth

Relaxation and breathing techniques, positions for labour and birth, birthing partners, introduction to birth plans.


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